Professional Support Plans for MediaWiki

Standard MediaWiki Support
This subscription gives you direct access to our staff for MediaWiki support, where we will try our best to assist you with any issues you may have. The support service covers inquiries about MediaWiki itself and all MWUsers-developed extensions and skins. Inquiries about third party extensions or skins will be responded to on a best-effort basis.

Includes ticket/email support only.

Service Level Agreement: We will respond to support requests within 2 business days, although we strive to provide more prompt replies (within hours during the working day). We do not guarantee any time-frame in which your request will be fully resolved, as the complexities of support vary between requests. Should we fail to give an initial response in time, we will fully refund the cost of support for that month as account credit upon request.

Remote Access: Remote access and screen share sessions are available as a courtesy to troubleshoot difficult issues. If we feel that this is being abused, we reserve the right to charge additional fees for this service or to cease offering you remote access and screen share services.

Refunds and Cancellation: We reserve the right to cancel a support subscription at any time for any reason. In this event, you are entitled to a prorated refund based on the amount of time remaining in the subscription. If you decide to cancel the subscription for any reason, no refunds will be given.
MediaWiki Installation / Upgrade
Professional installation and upgrade service for MediaWiki.

Includes the creation of backups and installing and/or upgrading extensions and skins (when possible). Your webserver must already be properly configured. Large sites and non-standard setups (wiki farms, etc.) may cost more; please contact us to discuss pricing in that case before purchasing this item. You will be contacted for additional details after the purchase is approved via the site's private messaging system.

This service does not include any custom coding, including coding needed in order to make previously-installed extensions work with the newly-installed version of MediaWiki or coding needed to make customized skins work with the new version. If customizations need to be applied to MediaWiki as part of this work, a .diff file must be provided and it must apply cleanly against the new version. Otherwise, any customizations will be charged separately as Custom Development.